Dean Gaffney ‘AXED’ from EastEnders following ‘bad decisions’ in his personal life

Meanwhile, Roxy believes a bit of wining and dining may coax the truth out of Alfie — and it does, along with a proposal! Hayley probably wishes she had something as relatively petty as money problems to worry about. Her health is the biggest thing at stake with some worrying test results spotlighting a blocked bile duct. It would be bad enough going through this alone, but at least she has Roy The feud between Paul and Lloyd over his racially sensitive remark the other day rumbles on. However, they eventually manage to sort their differences, and Audrey has property problems at the salon. And then she comes face to face with the youth himself, Dean. Bob and Brenda get engaged and married At the glamping site, there are plenty of tears as they tie the knot.

Natalie Evans

Please refresh the page and retry. Well, perhaps it was meteorologically fated that a character with his name should perish in the week of Storm Dennis. The fact that it was troublesome teen Denny – more of a chorus line irritant than a beloved character – was at once disappointing and strangely satisfying. Surely nobody will miss his door-slamming tantrums or spoilt sulking.

Barry Evans is one of EastEnders’ best remembered characters and for Channel 5’s Gender Swap before an evening of speed dating.

There are two types of storyline in EastEnders — the absurdly sensational and the ridiculously mundane. This week for example, on the one hand we had drink, drugs and short, middle-aged men in suits threatening each other with violence. Worse still, it was after Winston had used it. Tamwar comes to regret using the market’s Portaloo after Winston – in more ways than one. Bianca and Kat look on, discussing whose ear-rings are bigger. In their big showdown, Max, Joey and Phil demanded Carl empty his pockets, but rather than just grab him and search him for the drugs themselves, offered him a deal.

Max wanted Carl out of Walford. He just wanted him never to set foot in his club again Carl, not Max. Max tells Kirsty it’s time for her to come go home so they can have a whisky and a row. Carl meanwhile continues to win her over by complaining that everyone treats him like a criminal. Max went home and, as is his wont, stood in his living room in his shoes and suit, had a whisky, and a fight with Kirsty about seeing Carl.

Anyone who thought Carl was really going to have the drugs on him when the police swooped, or that a lying, dodgy adulterer like Max would not have a password on his mobile, is even more stupid than most of the characters. Having been grassed up by Max, Carl predictably did not have any drugs on him when the Old Bill arrived.

EastEnders’ Adam Woodyatt shocks fans with ‘svelte’ new figure

It’s the day of The Vic’s speed dating event in EastEnders and Peggy’s Barbara Windsor forced to take the helm with the organiser pulls out at the last minute. Bianca Patsy Palmer is fuming to discover that her name has been listed to attend but when Ricky Sid Owen challenges her as to who can secure the most dates, the competition is on. As the night draws to a close, Janine mocks Bianca for having only one match and in despair, Bianca vents her anger on Ricky for persuading her to participate in the first place.

After she yells at him to “drop dead”, Ricky storms out of the pub, while Bianca stares at her date card and sees that the only person she matched with was him. EastEnders airs tonight at 7.

Who is lauren off eastenders dating – If you are a middle-aged woman looking to Standout performances came from her. speed dating haugesund by her life.

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Browse previous reports. British historian A. Taylor wrote: “He [David Lloyd George] was the most inspired and creative British statesman of the twentieth century. But he had fatal flaws. He was devious and unscrupulous in his methods. He aroused every feeling except trust. In all his greatest acts, there was an element of self-seeking. Above all, he lacked stability. He tied himself to no man, to no party, to no single cause.

EastEnders star Dayle Hudson ‘gives away’ details about soap’s return date

Phil and Ben Mitchell pulled off their daring robbery plot in EastEnders — but it came at a terrible cost for the latter. It began with the Mitchells making final preparations for their robbery, only for a frustrated Phil to ban Ben from the job when he revealed he had acquired a gun. Between a father and a son.

What happened between Max Branning and Lucy Beale? EastEnders affair explained. However, Vicky has more news to share with Callum as she divulges a.

Was that really a new experience for them? Doesn’t pretty much every conversation Garry ever has with a woman go along these lines:. Garry: “Hello darlin’, can I buy you a drink? Oddly they asked Alfie above with Minty for advice What are the odds he won’t get round to kissing her until the exact moment Kat walks back into the Vic? Real Walford will never play again. The Chloe storyline will drag on tediously By Sunday People.

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BBC sets date for return of EastEnders

Bianca is surprised when she discovers that her name is on the speed-dating list. Bianca finds out that Janine put her name down and is about to cross her name off when Ricky challenges her to see who can get the most dates. Ricky kicks one of the speed daters out of the pub when he makes a pass at Roxy and Roxy is impressed. Dot prepares to interview potential lodgers. Dot is unimpressed with the first applicant. An interview with a later applicant seems to go well, until the gentleman in question makes a pass at her!

EastEnders is a popular BBC television soap opera, first broadcast on BBC1 on 19 February and continuing to date. The famous two-handers (when only two actors appear in an episode) was originally done for speed; while they film.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, the nation’s favourite soaps, including EastEnders , Hollyoaks , Emmerdale and Coronation Street , have all been running at reduced schedules , with new episodes of EastEnders even running out this week. As filming for the BBC soap isn’t expected to commence until the end of June, it’s understood we will be without new episodes for a number of months, with bosses replacing it with a special show called EastEnders: Secrets From The Square.

However, if you are a massive fan and worried how you’re going to cope without your daily EastEnders fix, don’t panic! Actor Dayle Hudson, who plays the role of Peter Beale on the soap, has seemingly accidentally ‘given away’ the soaps’s return date, posting his script to his Instagram Story. Could EastEnders be returning to screens on Monday 7th September? Of course, EastEnders bosses are yet to confirm when the soap will return to our screens, but it has been previously reported that the soap could be off air until September.

An insider for the soap spoke to the Daily Mirror at the start of the month, and although the cast are due to return to work at the end of June, the plan is to record a block of storylines for weeks, which means the soap may not return until September. The insider said, “Under the current plans we have enough episodes to take us through until June 16 but after that there will not be new episodes for a few months. Status: Split. Status: Divorced.

The co-stars married in Status: Married.

What happened between Max Branning and Lucy Beale? EastEnders affair explained

Johnathon Hughes on what the future holds in Walford…. By Johnathon Hughes. EastEnders is on a transmission break until 7 th September , having officially ran out of episodes on 16th June due to the national lockdown that forced all UK soaps to cease production back in March. Filming resumed at the Elstree studios in Hertfordshire on 29th June. While ITV counterparts Coronation Street and Emmerdale managed to phase back to filming before their stock of completed episodes were exhausted, and will continue to air uninterrupted, EastEnders went back into production slightly later.

The speed dating night brings with it mixed fortunes for the residents of Albert Square.

Natalie first appeared in January , depicted initially as an unhappy, insecure teenager; she was among various regular characters brought in to increase the cast following the BBC’s decision to increase episode output to three per week. She featured most often with the characters Ricky Butcher Sid Owen and Bianca Jackson Patsy Palmer ; Natalie’s affair with Ricky ending his relationship with Bianca was one of the prominent storylines aired in the Winter of Despite producers offering to extend Speed’s contact, she opted to leave the serial in Executive producer Matthew Robinson reintroduced the character in as a businesswoman and a love interest for Barry Evans Shaun Williamson.

Storylines included a rocky marriage to Barry, contemplating abortion, almost sleeping with her brother-in-law, rekindling her affair with Ricky, a relationship with Paul Trueman Gary Beadle and desperately trying to get Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks arrested for murdering Barry. Speed began to appear less frequently in due to personal reasons. Her departure was announced in early , and Natalie left on 10 May Natalie’s parents separated early in her childhood and she took it badly.

She lived with her mother Andrea Cindy O’Callaghan in Walford , but she had been closer to her father, Dave, and missed him terribly. Andrea favoured her other children, especially her older daughter Susie Viva Duce , over Natalie. She was highly critical of Natalie and blamed her for the breakdown of her marriage the unwanted pregnancy had ruined her figure and singing career, causing her husband to leave her. Andrea and Susie ridiculed Natalie for missing her father and wanting to keep in touch; Andrea claimed that Dave had no interest in Natalie.

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