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JAKARTA Reuters – Zulfikar Fahd, an openly gay man, says he flew from Indonesia to Canada late last month and claimed asylum on grounds that he faced discrimination and persecution in his home country, which is poised to criminalise same-sex relations and consensual sex outside marriage. Until now, homosexuality has not been regulated by law in Indonesia, except in the ultra-conservative Aceh province where Islamic law bans same-sex relations. But as lawmakers look to shore up conservative votes ahead of elections, parliament appears on the verge of revising the national criminal code to impose restrictions on same-sex relations and consensual sex between men and women outside marriage. Various drafts of the criminal code have appeared. The latest, though not necessarily the final one, seeks the prosecution of same-sex relations if an act is carried out in public, if there is evidence of abuse, or if a minor is involved. Unmarried co-habiting couples or those engaging in extramarital sex could be prosecuted only if there is a complaint from a close relative. Under the proposals, those found guilty of a public act of gay sex could be sentenced to up to 18 months in prison, and up to nine years if there is evidence of abuse or video of the act is published.

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Liang Bua is a large limestone cave on the Indonesian island of Flores, which is All of the new samples were sent to DirectAMS Radiocarbon Dating Service Open-access publication costs were supplied by an Insight Grant to M.W.T. (No.

Georgi Hudjashov, Tatiana M. Karafet, Daniel J. Stephen Lansing, Michael F. Hammer, Murray P. Indonesia, an island nation as large as continental Europe, hosts a sizeable proportion of global human diversity, yet remains surprisingly undercharacterized genetically. Here, we substantially expand on existing studies by reporting genome-scale data for nearly individuals from 25 populations in Island Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Oceania, notably including previously unsampled islands across the Indonesian archipelago.

We use high-resolution analyses of haplotype diversity to reveal fine detail of regional admixture patterns, with a particular focus on the Holocene. We find that recent population history within Indonesia is complex, and that populations from the Philippines made important genetic contributions in the early phases of the Austronesian expansion.

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Indonesian women attend a religious lecture on marriage without dating at a mosque in Bekasi, on the eastern border of the capital Jakarta.

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We use cookies to give you a better experience. This means it is no longer being updated or maintained, so information within the course may no longer be accurate. FutureLearn accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising as a result of use or reliance on this information. These dating methods are not only used on human fossils. Many of you may have also had the opportunity to visit these sites.

Dating insights to help understand one’s dating style; “Super Send” feature for sending flirtatious messages to many people. Takeaway Feature.

The use of fossils has long been the chosen method for estimating the divergence times of insect taxa. Recent advances in molecular dating methods, along with a rise in the number of user-friendly computer programs that implement these methods, have lead to an increase in the popularity of molecular dating studies. Molecular dating may be especially attractive for taxonomic groups without a strong fossil record, and for which age estimates are scarce.

Even for groups for which there is a good fossil record, the characters that are preserved may be homoplastic, or difficult to assess in terms of homology, leading to potential difficulties in accurate fossil placement. For these groups, molecular dating may also provide additional insight into the true ages of the taxonomic group in question. Over the last decade, however, as the number of molecular dating papers has increased, so have the number of discrepancies between the fossil record and DNA results.

Whether the “rocks and clocks” agree is debatable, and there has been little consensus among those studying extant taxa and those studying primarily fossil taxa herein referred to as palaeo-entomologists in regards to the ages of most insect orders. This symposium focused on dating methodology, with an emphasis on entomology.

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The purpose of this note is to provide a synopsis of our views and those of our guest speakers on a series of client conference calls over the last six weeks. We begin with a summary of the issues discussed with infectious and biodefense specialists—Dr. Barry Bloom of Harvard T. We provide some historical context of this pandemic relative to other viral epidemics.

We then turn to the likely economic impact of the Covid pandemic, including the views of our Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research GIR colleagues on the likelihood of recession. We will conclude with our views on the investment implications.

“He’s likely getting insight into my most crazy self during this time,” said Ms. Kravitz. A couple in an almost empty Times Square in Manhattan last.

We are aiming to invite early stage tech enabled startups who are looking to enrich their knowledge in managing their operation successfully. Gema Minang, our Tech Investment Lead led the project. She identified and coordinate key players to our invitation with her knowledge and network around the early-stage tech-enabled startup ecosystem. Additionally, she also worked alongside Benedikta Atika, to participate in a workshop and panel discussion with fundraising as the main theme.

Starting early in the morning, the first session was led by Plug and Play who facilitated a speed dating event between 20 startups and VCs around Indonesia. Gema from ANGIN also participated in a speed dating session where she interacted with early stage startups. The event was concluded with a networking session. ANGIN designed a material for people new to fundraising and share their on-ground insight.

The event held a panel discussion inviting Venturra, Astra and representatives from ANGIN and Plug and Play to discuss the right know-hows in choosing the right investors for your venture. Through this event, ANGIN is leveraging its core expertise in fundraising and participate to engage with early-stage startups and share its knowledge asset from the field. ANGIN delivers powerful learning and expertise. Who’s in Charge? Speed Dating Participation Starting early in the morning, the first session was led by Plug and Play who facilitated a speed dating event between 20 startups and VCs around Indonesia.

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