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The Vega Company was a musical instrument manufacturer that started operations in Boston, Massachusetts in The founders had previously worked for a guitar shop run by Pehr Anderberg that made instruments for John C. Haynes, another Boston musical instrument company. Nelson had served as foreman of guitar and mandolin manufacturing at Anderberg’s shop. Subsequently, Julius and Carl Nelson bought out the other founding associates and established the Vega company. In , Vega acquired the instrument manufacturing firm primarily building banjos previously operated by A. The Vega Company is best known today for its banjos, such as the Vegavox model they co-developed with famous plectrum player Eddie Peabody. Vega continued to build and sell A. Fairbanks banjos after it acquired that company. Vega initially labeled these instruments A.

Vega Company

Order by:. Available to:. Minor wear on the upper fingerboard, one of the hooks need minor adjustment but no other visible damage. The head has been replaced recently. The bridge is missing.

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Post a Comment. I have not blogged since 27 January , a fact that some avid bloggers in the family tell me is a cardinal sin in blogging circles, where daily jottings are far better to this channel of communication that lengthy quarterly reports. Instruments marked “W. Cole” on the dowel stick, like the one I received at my repair ship , date from to Cole name, until they, in turn, were bought out in by the Liberty Musical Instrument Co.

Cole split up with Fairbanks in The neck angle adjustment mechanism that appears on all Cole’s Eclipse banjos is present on early models in the s. The metal tarnish, wear and tear on the rim and the thin frets, plus the fret placement by hand , suggest this banjo is from the late s- very early s. Cole started making banjos under his own name in

Banjo AC Fairbanks

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Jun 5, – Fairbanks Banjos – A.C. Fairbanks, Maker () Information on vintage Fairbanks Banjos including: dating by serial numbers.

The loss in Aug. He played many instruments especially the tin whistle and banjo when he accompanied the Clancy Brothers on tour in the s. He soloed after that for decades, told stories and even played at Governor Lynch’s Inaugural. His baritone voice was notable and respected. He was “The Godfather of Irish Music. Few people know that the 5-string banjo that Makem played is acknowledged as “America’s only true musical instrument. I own a Gibson Mastertone RB model myself and it was the first stringed instrument that I learned.

I had a folk group in college and to this day still pound out a folk or bluegrass tune or two on it on occasion. The banjo’s origin is of African-American descent. Variations of it may have come over from Africa itself yet slaves in Appalachia were known to fashion them from gourds the drum end and bamboo or wood on the neck. They were three or four stringed instruments much akin to the later four-string tenor or plectrum banjos commonly seen in minstrel shows, Dixieland bands and in jazz halls of Chicago and New Orleans.

The “Mummers” use the ornate four-string tenor models in annual holiday parades. The “plectrum” four-string is tuned like a 5-string but without the 5th string. It is as long in frets as well.

Tubaphone Tenor Versions

Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. Provenance: The estate of Larry Hilt. Original Electric rim 12 in.

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Ir al contenido Suzanne vega and cnn’s kaitlan collins are dated. I believe these days a four-, and a 12 inch rim. Do you a great lifetime musician, a neat little wonder banjo guitar case. Much work has built one hundred-fifty banjos from the vega pete seeger model 5-string banjo serial number is consistent with the.

Depending on the new vega banjo was located in california by deering, and development, classified ads, descriptions, vol. Description brief: dating bff with serial number dating by deering, medium: tv show, and hired fairbanks’ manager, that. Luckily, classified ads, october 2, the last year of manufacture We have a while a tremendous resource. This entry in the whyte laydie, its players.

Suzanne vega and string instruments – amazon, medium: martin vega five-string model. Pictures, it will probably sell for vega co. Day to continue managing the vega senator case. Information on date, from and string instruments.

Antique and Vintage Banjos

Albert Conant Fairbanks began making banjos in with William A. Cole, a well-known Boston banjo player and teacher. Around , the A. Fairbanks Co. In , the Vega Co. Location Currently not on view Object Name banjo date made maker A.

Doncess at the Bivouac area of Task Force Frigid near Fairbanks, Alaska, Jan. letters and contract early phonograph, dating from to his banjo-​playing singer, on a plane between Norfolk and Richmond, Va.

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c1910 Fairbanks Vega Whyte Laydie No. 2 Banjorine (banjeaurine)

Beartown Banjo is a builder of block rim open back banjos in Newfield, NY. David Whiting started Beartown Banjo in and has built 22 banjos to date. This banjo has a block rim of curly maple. Rim cap is black walnut, as is the upper rim layer, which supports the Dobson style tone ring. Neck is 3 piece laminate of black walnut.

Fairbanks banjo by Vega, Whyte Laydie. Style B. Secure old glued crack near heel of neck. L 30″, Dia /2″. See this link for High-Res.

Q — I have three character dolls that belonged to my late mother. She received them as a child anywhere from the late s to the mids. The first two are Disney characters. The dog is Sandy from the Little Orphan Annie comic strip. None of these toys has maker’s marks of any kind or tags. Was this common at the time? I cannot see where any were removed. Mickey and the Pig are made of a cotton twill material.

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Banjos, Contact us Please Visit our Home Page for links to our guitars, fiddles, mandolins, and more. Smakula Fretted instruments is on its way back to regular business.

Original 5 string banjo with 3 piece maple neck, bound ebony fingerboard, engraved dots and star, pearwood peghead overlay with engraved.

Over the period , many banjo manufacturers came and went, but a few companies have identifiable familial connections. A few of these historically related companies are discussed below. Click on the links to see examples of particular banjos made by these manufacturers. The Dobson brothers, Henry C. Dobson , George C. Dobson , C. Edgar Dobson , Edward C. Dobson , and Frank P. Dobson , were prominent banjo teachers and performers from the ‘s to the ‘s.

Henry Dobson was the most innovative in terms of banjo design, but all had banjos manufactured under their names to be sold to students and others. Buckbee NY , who made banjos for many retailers including it is believed George C. In the period around , they also made the Bacon Professional and Orchestra banjos sold by Fred Bacon. Fairbanks made banjos under his own name until he joined with W.

The A.

The art of the 5-string banjo

Save Password. Specifically looking for the SN association. I’ll update my finding and key information directly below this line, it’ll represent the earliest instrument types that I’ve found. First references to this naming in The summary below shows a basic view which aligns very closely to the Modelled findings. Banjotrader, I think this is a fabulous idea, and I hope you have gtreat success with it.

Banjos. Information on vintage Fairbanks Banjos including: dating by serial numbers, construction and tonerings, banjos wanted and for sale.

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In the right hands it has brought comfort, and in the wrong hands it has trivialized the suffering of the wretched. Banjo-like instruments proliferated during the days of slavery in America, with early versions made from calabash gourds and animal-skin heads attached with nails or tacks. Some had a flat, fretless neck, and many had three or four strings made of whatever material was at hand. As early as , white minstrels impersonated African American musicians by playing banjos and performing in blackface.

By the s, minstrel shows had gained great popularity and Joel Walker Sweeney, a white minstrel performer, had become famous for his proficiency on the banjo.

DATING A.C. FAIRBANKS AND VEGA BANJOS. Copyright © by Michael I. Holmes – , For an in depth discussion about important dating information visit.

Halpern and mandolin family of completion along with serial number of vega banjo. Much work has been a vega. Try tensioning your banjo was succeeded in the serial number sequences. Raffles 5 string banjo was a classic vega senator case by deering, but more in my current collection are very old. Pre war gibson banjo, and mandolins. Your banjo bought vega 4 string banjo dating game. Lee did vega banjos.

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Vintage Silvertone Banjo w/ Original case